A GNO For the Ages

Confession time: sometimes a girl just needs to book a hotel room and have a good old staycation. I won’t lie and say there was any good reason for it–the quarter had just started so I wasn’t stressed yet and it was the Monday of MLK weekend so it’s not like I was rewarding myself for a long week. Truthfully, my friend Macon found a really good deal on the hotel room and the next thing I knew we were packing our overnight bags and heading into the city.


Our first stop was the Public Hotel in Lincoln Park where we dropped off our bags and spent a good 15 minutes obsessing over the beautiful decor of the place (and the fact that we’d just checked into a hotel not even 10 miles from home).

Our next stop was the Chicago Art Institute–the perfect activity for a dreary, rainy day and a great start to our little trip.  We spent a few hours wandering around and just catching up with each other before heading into downtown Chicago for a bit of shopping.


After we’d indulged ourselves with a lot of beautiful art and a little retail therapy, we came back to the hotel and got dressed up for dinner. Chloe (lounging above), had researched bars in the area and suggested we go to the 3 Arts Club Cafe located inside Chicago’s Restoration Hardware. If you’re ever in the area you have to check this place out, just for the atmosphere alone. The entire center of the store has been transformed into a patio with trees and a fountain that sit beneath a glass roof, giving the allusion that you’re actually outside. Then, of course, they added candles and chandeliers, making for the most romantic setting you could imagine. Needless to say, Chloe’s pick was spot on.


After we finished our drinks, we walked a couple blocks south to an adorable little Italian restaurant called Topo Gigio. Here, we consumed so much delicious pasta that we all fell into massive food comas that dissuaded us from bar hopping as planned, and instead prompted us to return to the hotel and put on our complementary bathrobes. Once we’d gotten rid of our excessively restrictive clothing, we popped on some face masks and The Notebook and had a relaxing end to GNO 2K17.

^ sad friends not ready to return to real life ^

The next morning we woke up, refreshed and ready to take on school once more…then we thought better of it and decided to extend our trip just a little bit longer and go out for brunch. So we check out of our room, left our bags at the desk and wandered South of the hotel to see what we could find. Unfortunately, it was a Tuesday at 11:30am and nowhere was serving breakfast, even if their menus claimed they were. So, after one awkward get-up-and-go encounter at a restaurant down the street, we decide to grab an uber to Wildberry, where we were guaranteed some pancakes. After we’d eaten our weight in breakfast, we fell into our second food coma in the past 24 hours and sluggishly returned to the hotel to retrieve our things.

After picking up our bags we said our goodbyes the beautiful Public Hotel and hopped into an uber for the quick 20 minute drive back to campus. The whole way back we couldn’t stop talking about how much fun we’d had and how we couldn’t believe we’d only been away for one night. It was such a rejuvenating experience and honestly, such a good way to recharge that I think we’re going to have to make this a bi-quarterly thing. If that sounds ridiculous to you, let me put one thing out there–we each spent under $150 for the whole experience, and could have certainly done it for cheaper. So if you ever feel the need to get away, I highly recommend you grab some friends, split a hotel room and have yourselves a little staycation.


Photo credits: Public Hotel Website, Chloe,  Macon & my iPhone’s clutch self timer.

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