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  • Elliette Designs

    First of all, how beautiful are these pieces!? I for one am in love. Each piece is so unique and the quality and intricate detailing on them is stunning. Now for the backstory: These clothes are all from my friend Lauren’s boyfriend’s older sister’s (say that five times fast) fashion line, Elliette, which just launched last month. Right now […]

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  • 21st Birthday Brunch

    Today was my 21st birthday, and tbh as I write this I’m a little bit buzzed because we’re about to go out to a karaoke bar so my wonderful boyfriend made us Mojitos. Anyway, as I was sitting here sipping my mojito and editing the photos from the day, I decided it would be fun to do a little blog post […]

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  • Portland Adventures

    As many of you know, I went to Portland to visit my friend Daley for spring break! We spent our week exploring the city…and laying in bed doing what we do best–watching YouTube and planning our weddings. Now don’t get me wrong, wedding pinteresting and say yes to the dress marathoning has always been our norm […]

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  • Change

    As I wrote my New Year’s Resolutions post this year I started to think a lot about change. In the context of these “new year, new you” resolutions, change felt like a positive, a chance for self improvement and an opportunity to start the new year strong. But driving to the airport this morning on my […]